T.I.M.E. Stories

I played my first T.I.M.E. Stories session today. Unfortunately one of my playgroup got called away before we were able to complete it. On the bright side I was able to use the built in save feature in the organizer the comes in the box. When I first heard about it I never thought I would use it, but now I’m SO glad it’s there. I’ll have my first write up about it in the next few days, but you won’t see my final thoughts until I complete the first module. Here’s a quick intro to my game session –

I’ve had T.I.M.E. Stories on my shelf for weeks, trying to get the right people together who are not only interested in playing this type of game, but genuinely excited. I’ve had the same issue with Pandemic Legacy: Season One. Over the long weekend my wife and mother-in-law played a game of Pandemic, the first real tabletop game my In-law has ever played. As we play through, she asks questions about some of the other games that were on the shelf behind me and I couldn’t help but talk about TIME Stories. Fast forward to the next day and I’m setting up to play the first module for my wife, her mom, and myself. My kids, at age two, four, and six, were all being entertained by various things in the next room with nap-time for the youngest two just around the corner. Enter game one…