ColinCon 2017

A small group of friends and I held a private two day gaming event that we dubbed ColinCon. Here’s a brief breakdown of the weekend:

ColinCon 2017 Closing ceremonies were held Sunday afternoon, and by all accounts, the two day event was a runaway success. Attendance didn’t quite meet the projected figures, but being the first year it’s no surprise.

Friday – 5 attendees
8 am Founders breakfast:

Held at J’s Restaurant on 99E. This doubled as the kickoff/opening ceremonies.

9:00 am Mansions of Madness – 5 Player game of the “Shattered Bonds” Scenario:

Although nearly half of the team went insane, including one investigator who spent half the mission mute, evil was eventually defeated and the star spawn vanquished.

12:00 pm Blood Rage + 5th Player Expansion

The eventual winner of this session took an early lead and never looked back, although one player ended the game abruptly by sneaking a successful pillaging of Yggdrasill, much to the chagrin of those still vying for first place.

2:00 pm Lunch BBQ:

Weather nearly redirected lunch, however the attendees of ColinCon demanded charred beef. Hotdogs and burgers were consumed, with only minor injuries due to the unsuccessful estimate of meat heat.

3:00 pm Forbidden Stars tutorial panel:

The host of the ColinCon took time out of his busy schedule to teach a small group of players how to play the now out of print Forbidden Stars game from Fantasy Flight. After the rules were explained and the factions set up, the group played through the first few rounds of the introduction game is get a feel for the game.

4:20 pm Forbidden Stars Full Game – 3 Players:

The game was reset to a three player game after the tutorial panel ended. Big battles were fought, Warp Storms were used as advantage, and one player made a calculated risk, and won by a wide margin on the second tie-breaker. ColinCon participants do not appreciate a ‘shared victory’.

8:20 pm ColinCon closed:

Although the official events of ColinCon ended, and participants left the venue, fun was has into the night online with Heroes of the Storm.

Sunday – 4 Attendees

9:00 am Founders Breakfast:
Waiting for ColinCon Day 2 to open their doors to the public, two-day pass holders found themselves waiting at the Independence Grill where the Prime Rib hash was flowing, but the coffee pot was not as giving.

10:00 am Mansions of Madness – 4 Player game of the “Dearly Departed” Scenario:

Day two kicked off with Mansions of Madness and the players were not so lucky this time. One investigator went insane, got wounded, and then finally was eliminated from the game due to mental trauma. This scenario asked many questions that for now, only the zombie horde was answer to. Players were quoted as saying “This is the best Mansions scenario yet” and “I’m definitely trying that one again soon”.

12:00 pm Lunch

While the convention host BBQ’d meat for hungry players, those players were busy setting up for the next game marathon.

1:00 pm Shadowrun Crossfire – 3 Game Marathon

This time the participants taught the host how to play a game. Each player took on the role of a runner up against the ancients, and each time met their match. Out of three attempt, one ended in a successful abort, and the other two, just ended. When asked, one player proclaimed that he would play again, but did not want to play the fifty plus games it would take to level up a character.

4:30 pm Closing Ceremonies

ColinCon stories were shared, and the founders discussed ideas and plans for next year. More on this to come later…


Day 24 – Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Day 24 – Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

I started playing Magic: the Gathering when I was in sixth grade, and played well through high school. My favorite part of the game was deck building. After high school I would pick up the game again for six months to a year, but the game was way too expensive to continue playing the way I wanted to play. It’s been a few years since I last played, and I’m beginning to feel that itch that only Collectible Card Game can scratch. I simply cannot afford to get into the game again, so I started looking for alternatives. Cortnie has never been interested in these types of games, so the most important thing I was looking for was something to draw her in. I found several games that had great art, which helps, but it’s not enough to be a long term draw, which is what I’m looking for. What made me finally decide that Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn was the game to try?


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Day 23 – Fairy Tale

Day 23 – Fairy Tale

I was on the fence about buying 7 Wonders, but since I had 7 Wonders Duel still unopened on the shelf I started looking for similar games to fill that itch instead. In the 7 Wonders Dice Tower review, they compared it heavily to Fairy Tale. As I began to research this a bit more, Cortnie walked past me on my computer, saw the art and said ‘I like it, buy it’. Fairy Tale is a Drafting game, which I’m a big fan of, however I have yet to win a game of this style against my wife. Will her streak continue?


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Day 22 – Space Hulk Death Angel The Card Game

Day 22 – Space Hulk Death Angel The Card Game

After watching Radho Runs Through and Board Game Brawl’s top 10 solo games list, I ordered Space Hulk Death Angel: The Card Game. When it came, I opened the box and started to read the rules. After not getting very far at all, I stopped and looked to the interwebs for answers. Radho had a run through that explains things very well, but since I have three children, I couldn’t pay attention to it as much as I needed to be able to play. After attempting to play four or five times, and ending each play feeling like I did everything wrong, I shelved it. So, months later why am I talking about it now?

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Day 21 – Star Trek Panic

Day 21 – Star Trek Panic

Back in 2012, while I was on leave with my newborn baby, a couple of friends came to visit and brought Arkham Horror. Six hours later, when they left, our gaming group had been born. Needing something that played faster than Arkham Horror does, someone picked up Castle Panic from Fireside games. For the next year and a half, we got together about once a week after work to play Castle Panic, adding in Castle Panic: The Wizards Tower a few week into the binge. I then picked up Dead Panic and we played nothing else for three months. After that we slowly started adding games to each of our collections, and now I have over 75 games to choose from just at my house. With the Panic style games root so deeply in my nostalgia for what started me in this obsession hobby, I was very excited to hear that USAopoly and Fireside Games were releasing Star Trek Panic.

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Day 20 – 7 Wonders Duel

Day 20 – 7 Wonders Duel

This was a game that I had over looked when it came out, because there was already a 2 player variant for 7 Wonders. I heard the name and the premise and didn’t listen to anything else. This is why the elevator speech is so important. If a publisher can’t convince me to be interested in your game in 30 seconds, I might miss out on a great game, while they miss out on a sale. Once the dice tower award nominees were announced, I took another look. I was surprised at how much it had been reworked for a true, two player game. Cortnie has played other drafting games, such as Tides of Time from Portal Games, and she tends to love them. The problem is, as soon as I say the word ‘drafting’ something in her brain tells her to become disinterested (in the game, not me).

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Day 19 Elysium

Day 19 Elysium

I picked up Elysium, from Space Cowboys, in a multi-item order after the Dice Tower Award nominees were announced. After reading the rule book, it looked like a really good game, that scaled well with two, three and four players. As an added bonus, Cortnie was really excited to play it because of the theme. I set up the game and explained the rules and scoring. Through this process of writing the blog, I realize I have been spending much more time explaining rules on how to play the game, but I glaze over how the scoring works, which hasn’t been fair to Cortnie. Continue reading “Day 19 Elysium”