It’s been a long week, even though it’s only Wednesday, and Monday was a holiday, I’m burnt out. I wanted an easy game, that I could relax, drink a cup of tea (in 80 degree whether, I know, but it’s what I like), and enjoy some lite strategy. I hoped Splendor would fit those requirements nicely.

A note as to why I bought this game – The gems are represented by custom poker chips, which I love. Games with quality poker chips are always on my radar.

I set up the game and explained the rules. This is the type of game Cortnie LOVES because I can teach it in under two minutes.Splendor is a game that you collect gems to buy cards to earn points to win.

On you turn you have four choices.

  1. Take three different Gems
  2. Take two of the same Gem, as long as there are at least four gems of that type before you take them.
  3. Reserve a card by picking it up and putting it in your hand (hand limit 3)
  4. buy a card from your hand or off the table.

There are also Nobel tiles that will come visit you when you have certain gem requirements the are met from the card you buy. When Someone earns 15 points, you finish the round, so everyone has equal number of turns, then the game is over.

The game started exactly how I wanted. Calm, relaxing, enough to make me think and plan a few moves ahead. Cortnie was well ahead of me in cards, but I was still pretty confident I could come back. She was saving her gems to buy the more expensive one worth end game points, while I was buy cheap ones to increase my holdings. I was just about caught up with her in gems, and not far behind in points. Then something happened. I stopped playing to win. I was having more fun not thinking about my score, and trying to predict what card Cortnie wanted next, so I could rob her of it. If I couldn’t buy it, I’d reserve it and just keep it in my hand. I lost. It was embarrassing. It wasn’t even close.

We played a second game, this time I really focused on taking what Cortnie wanted. Every time she took a gem, I took a card that most closely matched what she took. This game I won, but just barely.

We both really liked this game, something that is much lighter than what I normally play, and will like to play often, when we don’t have time or energy for a game of 51st State, or I don’t want to set up Legendary. Hopefully next time we play, I’ll not be so mean, and play my own game, not the mess with Cortnie game.

I have promised you a day 5 supplement, and hope to have that out yet tonight.

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