Board Games Saved the Day!!!

This morning I got up way too early because it never got below 75 degrees in the house last night. When I got up my two oldest kids were already fighting over the TV, my girls were fighting over a toy (which means Ripley, my middle child was fighting over both), and my wife was getting frustrated with the day already. I turned off the TV and declared that it would not be turned on again today. I invited my three kids to play a game while my wife made breakfast and my son decided to sit in the other room and pout about no TV.

I set up and moderated Candyland for my Girls (ages two and four), while I set up Ticket to Ride for my wife and myself. Before the end of Candyland my son had already wondered in to join the fun. We had breakfast and then my wife and I captained to teams of children in Ticket to Ride. After the Routes were revealed my daughter Ripley and I had crushed my son Zeb and my wife by nearly 40 points.

After that we played Bang! The Dice game. I took the sheriff card and shuffled three outlaws and a deputy card together. Again there was some back and forth and it became clear that Ripley and I were once again working together. After a couple of rounds everyone was close to elimination, but I, as Sheriff was first to go. My wife, Zeb, and (the two year old) Tesla won!

Next my wife and I moderated a game of Robot Turtles where everyone is a winner. And then while the grown-ups did some chores, the kids played with Legos at the table.

After a snack and nap we’ll play a relaxing game of Tokaido with some fresh Iced Tea.

Board games saved the day. Hazzah!


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