Welcome to my blog!

The goal of this blog is to build a place for new board gamers to learn the hobby.

I have a heavy background in Tabletop Role Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons (from TSR), Star Wars (d6 from West End), and Call of Cthulhu (from Chaosium). I’ve also spent many thousands of hours playing video games (console + PC) over the last 25 years. I was an on again /off again Magic: the Gathering player for 15 years. And even though I’ve been actively playing tabletop board games since 2012 the majority of that time was spent playing just a handful of games.

Years ago when I tried to go out and buy a new board game I would wonder into a store and be overwhelmed. The store clerks were not helpful, in fact they had an Elitist attitude. Afraid that I would spend upwards of $80 on something that either wasn’t good, or wasn’t good for me, I would leave empty handed.

After being shot down at my local retailer several times, I tried to shop online to find good medium weight games, although I didn’t understand that terminology at the time. Many online reviews, videos, and podcasts used terms that, while I could grasp what they meant on a high level, it was difficult for me to understand how some of these things related to me and the style of gameplay I wanted.

Fast forward to present, I have increased my game collection from three games to 50 in the last six months. I’ve spent countless hours watching reviews, pouring over Kickstarter.com, listening to podcasts, and, of course, playing games. I learned that someone I worked with was just excited about tabletop gaming as I was, but he had more experience and a larger collection than I did. He and I had many good conversations about games we were interested in, which helped develop my taste and perspective.

I have a gaming group that meet one week night every week, and all day on a weekend once a month. There are seven people that are in my regular group, with usually five or six showing up at a given time.

I’d like to use this experience and this blog to join the board gaming community and be a resource to new and experienced gamers alike.

Expect a series of articles coming up that delves into some terminology and my experiences with it. In tandem I will be doing some reviews of games that demonstrate these terms.

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